Helping people discover amazing soap that starts their self care journey.

Sudsy Club is dedicated to creating the best soap and bath & body products for your skin. We are true believers in "what goes on, goes in".  Our ingredient list is pure and simple so you know what is going on your body. 

Self care starts with your daily skincare regime. That is why we exist and our passion is to create the most amazing skincare products just for you!


A little about our Sudsy Club mission…

Sudsy Club soaps are 100% natural. We use no artificial ingredients, colorants or scents. You can use our bars on the most sensitive skin. Sudsy & Co., our main company, has a 5 star rating and we are very proud of that! The two most important things to us are customer service and the quality of each Sudsy bar. We take it to heart that you are trusting us to use our products on your skin, and we go above and beyond to make sure they are the best they can be.

Meet our team


The founder and creator behind all of these amazing products. The reason we are here as a company.


Helper to Heidi and behind the scenes tech guy.


Marketing guru and social media outreach.

How it all started

I had always been a fan of hand made soaps. In 2014, my youngest son headed off to college and we were officially empty nesters.  I had been a stay at home Mom to my three kids for so many years and was now wondering where my life was going to take me. One day my husband said...”Why don’t you start making soap?”  I was always looking for a place to buy hand made soap so it made sense to start making it myself.  It was at that time that I was starting to become aware of how all of the harsh chemical put into commercial bars literally disrupted our hormones and had many other negative effects on our bodies.  All of our bars are 100% natural with no artificial fragrances or ingredients. We NEVER compromise on the quality of our ingredients. 

Give Sudsy Club a try. You will not be disappointed!