How often will my subscription be re-billed?

Once your box ships, you will be billed 5 days later for your next box. For six month subscribers, you will be billed 5 days after your third box has shipped. 

Cancel at any time.


When does my box ship?

We ship on every even month of the year.  Feb | April | June | Aug | Oct | Dec

The cutoff is the 4th on each of these months and the boxes start shipping immediately after that. All boxes will be in the mail by the 11th of these months. 


Why are Sudsy Club soaps better?

That is one of the most asked questions! And is one we LOVE to answer.

We use high quality oils and nut butters to make our soaps. Many times you will see palm oil, rice bran and unpronounceable ingredients on a soap wrapper. Our ingredients are simple. Olive, Coconut, Shea, Castor and Essential Oils. Many of our bars have added silk that is created cruelty free.

Our soaps have been formulated to create a creamy lather and we add extra Shea butter  to leave your skin moisturized and soft. 

If you have had problems with dry or itchy skin, you will find that Sudsy Club soap will be an answer to that issue.